On road to a gas-based economy? PDF
Environmental Issues in Refining, Petrochemical & Fertilizer Industries PDF
Process plants: digitize for operational excellence PDF
Beach sand mining: Addressing environmental concerns to move forward PDF
Titanium, the metal of the flying machines PDF
Sustainability in the HPI PDF
Western Ghats IEI Final Report 2014 PDF
What are the strategies for sustainable chemical production HP012011 PDF
Zero Effluent Discharge PDF
Use monitoring programs to improve ammonia plant uptime PDF
Sustainability in the Built Environment PDF
Strategies for sustainable development of SMEs PDF
Stategies for Sustainable Hydrocarbon Processing PDF
Shifting Paradigms of Environmental Management PDF
Mega ammonia plants material selection PDF
Management of Hazardous Waste PDF
Management of chemical disasters PDF
Invigorate PSEs PDF
Indian Fertilizer Industry Shifting to NBS- FMB Asia 2012 PDF
FACT – invigorate to lead Kerala’s second generation industrial development. PDF
Environmental Challeges of Sustainable Development PDF
Control corrosion factors in ammonia and urea plants PDF
Use Monitoring programs to improve ammonia plant uptime PDF
Environment policy outlook PDF
Indian Fertlizer Industry and the Global Economic Environment PDF
Hazard identification and management – an overview PDF
Plant Safety and environment PDF
Stress corrosion cracking - a caustic experience PDF
Green Chemistry, Materials and Manufacturing techniques PDF
Imposition of Anti Dumping Duty on Caustic Soda A Case Study PDF
Chemical Business Interview PDF
Chemical Process Principles and its Industrial Applications PDF
Improve CO2 removal from ammonia plants PDF
Use monitoring programs to improve ammonia plant uptime PDF
Control corrosion factors in ammonia and urea plants PDF
Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry: March towards getting Greener PDF
Hazard identification and management—an overview PDF
Environment management issues in Indian fertilizer plants I PDF
Chemical Industry Digest talks to Dr Sukumaran Nair, Special Secretary to the Chief Minister of Kerala PDF
The Ammonia Industry Today - A Business and Technology Update PDF
Strategies for Sustainable Chemical Processing PDF
Restructuring Technical Education in India PDF
Integrating Safety and Environmental Concerns in the Development of Chemical Processing Industries PDF
Industrial development and land utilization in Kerala Issues & challenges PDF
Integration of higher education with the economic sectors of the state PDF
Kerala’s industrial situation and development perspectives PDF
Global Fertilizer Outlook and Challenges for Manufacturers in India PDF
Web Technologies: Social Impacts PDF
On road to a gas-based economy? PDF
Critical issues in Material Selection for Phosphoric Acid Plants PDF
Engineering challenges towards accelerated nation building PDF
    Centre for Green Technology & Management (CGTM), India
  Special Secretary
  Govt of Kerala (Government Administration industry)(April 2008 - Present).
  Managing Director
    The Travancore-Cochin Chemicals Ltd.(2006 - 2008).
  Chief Superintendent of Production
  The Fertilisers And ChemicalsTravancoreLtd. (2004-2006).
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Fuel for change
The book contains a wealth of information on a solution to the growing energy needs of countries.The first chapter depicts
the status of and the global trends in the biofuels industry and markets. It traces the history of the production programme of biofuels and the efforts to promote them in Japan, Canada, the European Union, the United States, Brazil,Latin America, South-East Asia, India, China and some African countries.
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